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El Segundo, CA 90245

JIGISHA BOUVERAT // jigisha@bouveratcollective.com

GINGER HANNER // ginger@bouveratcollective.com

SONIA PANDYA // sonia@bouveratcollective.com

insta - @bouveratcollective.com // fb - @bouveratcollective.com // linkedin - @jigishabouverat


Artists have the rare ability to bring us face to face with our emotions and beliefs.

Our collective emerged from a belief Jigisha Bouverat developed over the course of her career—that representing artists is more than a business relationship. It's a personal commitment and partnership that nurtures the development of each artist's creativity. This shared vision strengthens the work we do in collaboration with our clients. 

We are dedicated to each of our diverse artists because we deeply believe in the resonance of their individual talents and the contributions they can make, now, and over the course of their careers.

Through working relationships that encourage artists to flourish and grow, we offer clients satisfying service, impactful visual storytelling to represent their brands, and rewarding longterm working relationships.

Contemporary art prints available at our online gallery, artbarltd.com.

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