Tyler Gourley | Subaru WRX STI | Integrated Campaign

For Subaru's most recent WRX integrated campaign, JBC photographer and director Tyler Gourley created some truly engaging and enthralling content. His work not only captures the nature of the brand as a whole, but embodies the WRX's identity with a powerful and heart-pounding aesthetic.  


Catch more of this project and Tyler's work here.

Brian Konoske | 2017 Graphis Photography Annual Gold Winner!

JBC's automotive and lifestyle photographer Brian Konoske was awarded Gold in this year's Graphis Photography Annual for his advertorial work with Mazda's Zoom Zoom Magazine. Take a peak at the award-winning photo below and join us as we congratulate Brian on his stunning work! 


Farhad Samari | Fossil

Fashion and lifestyle photographer Farhad Samari not only captured Fossil's Spring/Summer 2017 collection in studio, but he also shot Corey Richards and Jamie Chung on location to exemplify the watches' synergy of functionality and fashion. 


Farhad Samari | Airbnb | Family Trips

The latest installment of lifestyle and travel photographer Farhad Samari's work for Airbnb took him to Hawaii and Palm Springs to discover the growth and togetherness that family trips cultivate. For this print and OOH campaign, Farhad captured the transformative power of immersive travel with his brilliant understanding of natural light and ability to capture raw moments on-the-go. 

See more of Farhad's work below or here.


Gilles & Cecilie | Welcome to Team JBC!

JBC's latest collaboration brings the European duo Gilles & Cecilie to the roster! Gilles & Cecilie are a global, multi-disciplinary creative team providing illustration, animation, installation and wallpainting designs. The couple, who met at Central Saint Martins while studying graphic design, have a strong architectural yet incredibly playful perspective that speaks to brands across the world. Always keeping us on our toes, we honestly just can't wait to see what they churn out next! See more of the work below, on their website, or their gallery.


Tyler Gourley | Communication Arts | Featured Artist

Congratulations are in order for automotive, lifestyle, sports, travel photographer Tyler Gourley! Tyler has been selected as the featured artist for this year's Communication Arts Typography annual. With an eight-page spread in the quarterly, Tyler discusses his photographic perspective and inspirations that allow him to not only master his craft, but also create compelling, relevant work. He finds that for him, photography is the best means of communication. 

Read more of his interview here or click through via the images below. 

José Mandojana | Welcome to Team JBC!

It is with great excitement, JBC is happy to announce that portrait, lifestyle and food photographer José Mandojana has officially joined our roster! José's diverse work is full of energy borne out of his immense studio expertise, knowledge of color and manipulation of composition. We couldn't think of a better way to start of the New Year. 


Eric Nyquist | Vice

Illustrator Eric Nyquist recently created a series of images to accompany multiple articles about sex trafficking on Broadly, a Vice channel. From a story about sexual assault, to a cult sex temple with pimp priestess, to child trafficking, Eric's illustrations eerily capture the harrowing truth of this trade in the U.S. 


Brian Konoske | Automotive Aficionado | Toyota & Mazda

Automotive, lifestyle and travel photographer Brian Konoske has been on a roll with the automotive shoots this last year. From Toyota to Mazda to Subaru, Brian is able to create distinctive images that fit each brand's respective identities in both lifestyle and performance environments.


Emilio Santoyo | Angel Soft | Stretch the Truth

Illustrator Emilio Santoyo partnered with Angel Soft for their social media series, "Stretch the Truth." Emilio spent a couple days in the Angel Soft offices illustrating moments in which parents had hilariously stretched the truth to explain a situation to their children. See some of our favorites below or the entire of the series on the Angel Soft Facebook.


Farhad Samari | Airbnb | Experiences

Lifestyle and travel photographer Farhad Samari created breathtaking visual stories for Airbnb's newest service "Experiences." The service allows travelers to book local tours and once-in-a-lifetime experiences via their platform. Jet-setting from France to Kenya to Japan, Farhad's work epitomizes the brand and captures the personal, vibrant life that blooms when you get down and dirty with the locals. 


Sarah Wilmer | LA Times Editorial

Fashion, lifestyle and music photographer Sarah Wilmer recently shot Melissa Benoist for a Los Angeles Magazine fashion editorial on velvet. Although the images were shot this year, Sarah's perspective and treatment transports the viewer and makes it seem as if they were taken in an time long past. See more of the series below. 


Emilio Santoyo | Taco Bell | National Taco Day

In celebration of National Taco Day on October 4th, illustrator and animator Emilio Santoyo collaborated with Taco Bell to create something spec-taco-lar. Emilio created five holiday e-cards, from fonts to illustrations, that reflect everyone's love of tacos. Take a peek at the campaign below. 



    As part of the merge team, JBC journeyed out to New York City to co-host an evening of art, charity, music and camaraderie. Take a peek at the action below. We can't wait to see you at the next one!

    Eric Nyquist | Penguin Classics | "Orange" Series

    Illustrator-animator Eric Nyquist teamed up with Penguin Classics to reimagine and refresh their "Orange" collection. With his unique perspective, Eric wanted to approach the covers "not as a classical flat design, but as a rebellious 3-D landscape that displays the horrific, the absurd and the taboo." His artwork, in collaboration with the Penguin team, truly brings the books to life.


    Tyler Gourley | Subaru BRZ

    Automotive and lifestyle photographer Tyler Gourley shot both motion and stills for Subaru's latest digital integrated campaign highlighting the 2017 BRZ. His running footage and images cohesively illustrate the movement, power and sentiment behind the brand. 


    Tyler Gourley | Summer of Jeep ft. Paul George

    Sports, portrait, automotive and lifestyle photographer Tyler Gourley's powerful work for Jeep's "Summer of Jeep" campaign features basketball player Paul George and highlights the brand's support of USA Basketball. The portraits, which accompanied broadcast media, reflect the campaign's intention to inspire adventurers in addition to the brand's sense of boldness and style. 


    Scott Darling | Allbirds

    Still life and product photographer Scott Darling shot digital assets for Allbirds Shoes' online marketplace. His comfort of working in a studio landscape and knowledge of product design allow Scott to physically capture angles, views and compositions that would conventionally be artificially created.